How to recover JPEG pictures from Nikon Coolpix Point and Shoot camera

Lost JPEG images from Nikon Coolpix digital camera memory card?

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Nikon Coolpix Point and Shoot digital camera is one of the most compact and popular digital cameras available these days. Some of the best functionalities of these cameras are small size, user friendliness and light weight. Though the digital camera provides ease of use and ultimate comfort, still it is equally exposed to data loss issues as others do. But users need not to worry after deletion of their photos from digital camera memory card. Because software to restore deleted pictures from digital camera can get back their all images without missing single one.

The image files from the Nikon digital camera can be deleted / lost due to a number of reasons may it be user mistakes or virus infection. If you have backed up your precious images, then you can easily retrieve them from the backup files. However, if you have not taken proper data backup, then a reliable tool like JPEG photo recovery software will be much helpful in restoring the lost images.

This tool is specially designed with powerful algorithms to retrieve deleted pictures just in few clicks. It also provides an extremely simple and intuitive user interface that does not require any kind of technical expertise to carry out the image restoration process.

And all above, the software we are suggesting is highly tested and reviewed by the Industry Experts and has been appreciated by a huge number of customers who had successful restored all their precious data using this software.

This tool is very user-friendly and users without enough technical knowledge can use it to restore deleted pictures from SD card and other flash memory cards. All jpeg files lost with Nikon Coolpix Point and Shoot camera can be recovered with utmost ease.

Before knowing the exclusive features and functionalities of the picture restoration software, you need to go though the following section to have a clear picture image loss scenario:

Possible photo loss scenarios on Nikon Camera memory card:

  • Card Error “Card is not formatted. Format Card”: The main reason behind this kind of behavior of the memory card is corruption. The memory card of the Nikon digital camera might have been corrupted / damaged due to any of the following reasons:
    • Abrupt removal of the memory card from the Nikon digital camera during read / write process
    • Switching off the Nikon camera in the midway of data transfer process
    • Improper insertion of the card into the digital camera
  • Human Errors: The most frequent reason of image loss from the digital camera memory card is accidental deletion. The pictures from the memory card can be deleted unintentionally by the user in a number of ways like
    • Pressing “Delete All” button on the camera while just previewing the photos in it
    • Accidentally selecting Format options while the memory card is connected to the computer
    • Accidentally touching the USB cable of the digital camera while the images are being downloaded can also corrupt the memory card inside
  • Virus infection: The photos on the memory card of the digital may be come inaccessible due to virus infection. Using same memory card in different devices can corrupt the memory card leading to photo loss.

Steps to be followed after losing images from the Nikon Coolpix camera:

The lost pictures will be still there in the memory card even after being inaccessible to the user. The pointer to those images will only be removed when the images are deleted / lost. Therefore, it is really important to prevent those pictures from getting overwritten with some new data, because; once the images get overwritten, then they can never be retrieved using any photo restore utility.

  • Remove that memory card from the digital camera right after the images are deleted / lost from it. Do not use it further to click any new pictures on the digital camera.
  • Do not format or reformat the memory card after image loss.
  • Do install the photo recovery software on the memory card itself. You can install it on any other drive / partition of your computer’s hard drive and just connect the memory card through card reader while executing the image restoration process.
  • It better to use the demo version of recovery tool in order to evaluate its effectiveness. You can opt for the full version later, if you are satisfied with the demo version.

Key features & user friendly aspects of the picture recovery utility:

  • Other than JPEG images the software supports recovery of other image file formats like TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF etc. from popular digital camera brands like Canon, Sony, Samsung, Fujifilm, Kodak and many more.

Detailed procedure to retrieve JPEG photo files from Nikon Camera:

  1. Connect the memory card of the digital camera through card reader to the computer. Then download and install the demo version of JPEG picture restore utility on the hard drive of your computer. After successful launching of the utility you will get a welcome Window with three different options. Select Recover Photos among them.
  2. Deleted Pictures Recovery - Main Screen

  3. After than choose either Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos from the next windows.
  4. Recover deleted photos - Next screen

  5. Then select the memory card as the logical drive from which the images are to be recovered and click on Next to proceed. Once the scanning process is over, you can view all the recovered JPEG images along with their details.
  6. Deleted Photo Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Tips to avoid image loss from the memory card of the digital camera:

  • Delete the photos from your computer not from the digital camera itself. This will reduce the chances of the accidental deletion of the images.
  • Remove the memory card safely when it is connected to the computer in order to avoid memory card corruption.
  • Use multiple cards rather than using only one card. This will decrease the chances of memory card corruption.
  • Avoid filling the memory card completely up to its memory capacity, because sometimes it may corrupt the memory card.
  • Reformat the memory card on regular basis

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