Corrupted Kingston CF card picture recovery

Are you unable to access Kingston CF card data due to corruption?

Then we provide the perfect solution to your problem!!!!

Compact Flash card is a popular digital camera memory card having storage capacities from 128MB to 64 GB. It has larger size as compared to other memory card types and has a cheaper cost and faster speed.Therefore, the CF card is widely used in the digital cameras.

The CF card in your digital camera might have been corrupted due to a number of reasons like improper memory card usage,interrupted read / write process etc. making the all the important data stored in it inaccessible. Do not worry!!!! In most of the cases the data from the corrupted CF card are still recoverable. You can easily retrieve data from corrupted CF card using photo restoration utility.

The software can easily restore the essential data from the corrupt CF card just in few clicks. It ensures completely safe and risk free recovery procedure as it is a read only software. Along with the powerful built in algorithm, the software provides an extremely simple user friendly interface to facilitate the novice user in executing the complex data recovery process. Due to all the above reasons, the application is considered as one of the best picture recovery tool. It also allows user to restore deleted JPG pictures from memory card, HDD and from external hard disk as well.

while using this software, user is always in advantage because of it's easy steps and strong data recovery algorithms. Deleted Pictures Recovery tool can get back deleted images from SD card and from other storage media without losing any of them. To make Kingston CF card data accessible, which is been inaccessible due to corruption of CF card, this tool is the ultimate solution.

Few scenarios that are responsible for CF card corruption:

  • Capturing pictures in Camera while it is low on battery: Clicking photos in the camera while it is low on battery can corrupt the memory card inside the digital camera leading to image loss. Other than that continuous clicking of images though the camera can also damage the file system of CF card inside leading to corruption.
  • Removing the memory card from the digital camera or the card reader during the read / write process:Abrupt removal of the memory card from the digital camera or the card reader while the pictures are being downloaded from the digital camera memory card can also corrupt the file system in the memory card resulting in inaccessibility of the memory card data. Apart from that if the digital camera is turned off during the read / writes process, then it will cut the image file that is being downloaded short and corrupt that file. In most of the cases, it will corrupt the entire memory card.
  • Mishandling or subjecting the memory card to its extreme condition: Mishandling the CF card like using the same CF card in different devices or computers can also corrupt the card. Storing images up to the maximum storage limit of the CF card may also sometimes,corrupt the CF card.

CF card data recovery tips:

  • For a corrupted CF card Windows will ask you to format the CF card when it attempts to read the memory card and access it. It is advisable to ignore such messages and not to format the CF card before restoring the lost images.
  • To avoid overwriting of the inaccessible images on the CF card, do not take pictures on the digital camera using the same memory card. If you have done this, then you may not able to retrieve all the CF card data.
  • Sometimes when you connect the digital camera to the computer, it may not be detected. In that case, a CF card reader is required which will allow the CF card to be accessed by the computer and restore all lost images.

Noteworthy features of the CF card recovery utility:

  • The utility supports image recovery on various storage devices like hard drives, pen drives, memory cards (CF, SD, XD, MMC, Memory Sticks etc),FireWire drives,USB external drives etc.

Steps to restore data from corrupted CF card:

  1. Connect the memory card of the digital camera through card reader to the computer. Then download and install the demo version of picture restore software on the hard drive of your computer. After successful launching of the utility you will get a welcome Window with three different options. Select "Recover Photos" among them. After than choose "Recover Lost Photos" from the next windows to retrieve images from corrupt CF card
  2. Deleted Pictures Recovery - Main Screen

  3. Then select the corrupt CF cad as the logical drive from which the images are to be recovered and click on "Next" to proceed. Once the scanning process is over, you can view all the restored CF card data along with their details
  4. Deleted Photo Recovery Software - Preview Screen

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